I Dreamed a Dream

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You guessed it, another month, another My Little Box, well… unboxing! This month the theme was all about following your dreams. I am amazed on how My Little Box team comes up with such nice themes every month, must not be an easy job! Now let’s see what’s inside…

  • Sabé Masson Soft Perfume in Copacabana (£15) – This one is an alcohol and paraben free, fresh and exotic perfume made of natural ingredients formulated to be suitable for all skin types. The perfume in a stick seems to be a trend in the fragrance business lately, and I can see a few reasons why. First of all, if you travel often, it’s easy to slip into your bad and not getting told off by customs. The packaging is lighter and less prone to breaking, if compared to their glass packaged brothers, plus its much easier to top up without accidentally spraying those surrounding you. And if you are not a fan of powerful fragrances, I feel a stick offers a much subtle effect.
  • Lip Balm Loved by Lou Lesage (£8) –  Lou Lesage is a modern, grungy Brigitte Bardot-like French actress and singer. As an ever so busy woman she needed something quick and fuss-free product to hydrate and tint her plump lips, and now we can benefit from it too.
  • My Little Beauty Repairing Mark for Dry Ends, 100ml (£7) – This one smelled gorgeous! Formulated with refined walnut oil and shea butter and it is said to boost dry and damaged ends.
  • Delphine Pariente Bonne Étoile Necklace (£20) – Hidden in a soft cloud, literally. This is a perfect dainty necklace I can see myself wearing all summer long. With a gold engraved round charmed tied to a long and thin coral string, it will look super good with a tan. Together with it, a 20% discount on Delphine online shop and Parisian boutiques.
  • Rotating stamp (£8) – when I  was little, I was a sucker for stationary and stamps. 20 years odd later nothing has changed. With 12 messages you can personalise your diary full of boring admin stuff and make it more fun!
  •  Finally, My Little World magazine. The feeling of the paper has a “recycled paper” finish to it that I love. It is all printed  in a kind of origami way as when you open it completely you are left with a nice poster. Not the most efficient of ways to read something, but yet it is original, and gets my thumbs up!

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