The House of Rush – where the impossible is possible

Karen Hatch Photography Karen Hatch PhotographyKaren Hatch Photography

Last week I had to get the mop – commonly known as hair – in shape for my flatmates wedding. Despite being a very important event they wanted to keep it casual/smart, so the fuss of a prom-like hairdo was not in order, luckily for me.  What I had in mind was to channel my inner Alexa Chung with a sleek yet disheveled look and for that I decided to head to The House of Rush.

The salon is stunningly beautiful, just the right amount of Art Deco with a modern twist given by the furniture. I got offered some nibbles and drinks, something that still now, after almost four years in London, I cannot  get used to but love as it makes the whole experience even more extra-special. The dreamiest and lusher bit of the whole experience had to be the hair washing.  A lot of people don’t like this step but I love it, I find it very relaxing and even more so if you are treated to an head massage sitting on a massaging chair! Just thinking about it now makes me snoozy. I wish I had something like that at home, I’d be just like Joey and Chandler in a matter of seconds!

My stylist for the day was Isabella and as soon as I seen her I knew it wasn’t necessary to whip out the picture I religiously carry to show the look I want. She had exactly the vibe I was looking for, kind of rock-chic, reminiscent of Alexa Chung. However, it happened in more occasions that with or without whipping out the picture or with or without the hair dresser sporting exactly the look I wanted, I ended up with a nice look but NOT quite what I asked for. Story of every women’s life. So as you can imagine I was not getting ahead of myself. But between chats about yoga and fashion weeks, Isabella managed the impossible. For the first time in 26 years I ended up going out the hairdresser with EXACTLY what I asked for. I guess it’s true what they say, when it’s THE ONE you just know!




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