Who Run the World?! Girls

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Once again is time for me to reveal what’s in this month’s My Little Box. The theme for this month was Girl Power which, now as I am writing it down is giving me major Spice Girls throwbacks. But anyways, I love the concept and the idea behind it so let’s go unravel what’s inside:

  • A Gat Rimon T-Shirt (£29), one size fits all. I am usually scared of the universal sizes as as a big breasts girl these kind of t-shirt end up looking like a crop top on me, which is not necessarily what I want. Fortunately, this was not the case for this one. I like the font and the quote – ‘I believe I can fly’, and it’s grey, tics all the right boxes in my book!
  • My Little Beauty Lips & Cheeks Pencil (£10.50), a 2-in-1 product always comes handy to touch up the makeup on the go. I haven’t tried this one yet, but if I come to like it I am sure you’ll see it popping up either on my Instagram or Twitter.
  • Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream (£12), I am a huge fan of their mist so I was excited to try this little number. Rich in antioxidants, the cream is light yet deeply moisturising without leaving the hands oily.
  • Kerastase Lait Crystal (£20), is described as a lightweight conditioner that leaves the hair luminous, soft and supple. As for the pencil, I am sure it’ll pop up somewhere if I like it.

As per usual, you can find the little magazine featuring an interview with Carin, from Paris in Four Months – LOVES her pictures! and some fun stickers.

Last month’s Frenchie box was so good it was hard to beat. I found this one nice but not one of my faves. Looking forward to what next month is going to bring though!

If you’re interested in My Little Box, you can get yours here.

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