A Sunny Day in London


Spring is finally here! I am not one to complain about  weather and not liking winter, but it was about time the sun remembered about London!!

This weekend me and my flatmates went to have breakfast at the Sky Pod Bar at the 35th floor of the Sky Gardens. It was lovely to have breakfast bathed in the sun looking out the window and see the Shard and the whole London below you. I went for a simple breakfast, cappuccino, pain au chocolat and a fresh orange juice. After that we couldn’t help but go around and take some pictures and just be amazed by the beauty that London is.

DSC00140DSC00153For lunch we moved to Greenwich cause, shock horror, in four years I’ve been living in London I’ve never been and it was something that needed fixing. We walked through the old 1912’s I think passage that crosses under the Thames and comes out at Cutty Sark. We had a little stroll and then stopped at this lovely pub called The Gipsy Moth that had a lovely back garden for some more food, a cider and suck up the sun a bit more. It was so great to finally put on sunglasses and take off my heavy jacket for once, I almost wished we didn’t have to go home! Hopefully spring is here to stay, so I can go around and explore more. I am mentally writing down a ‘London to do bucket list’ so stay tuned for more!

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