An Endless Love Story

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You know that episode in Friends when Monica couldn’t sleep after breaking up with Richard, and Phoebe was trying to get her to relax and sleep sending her to her “happy place”? Well, if I had to think about my happy place, that would be my bedroom, seconded just by strolling around Paris, and the feeling of the sun and gentle breeze on a beach, but this one can’t be recreated.When I moved to my apartment a few months ago, I had plans for my bedroom. I wanted to be simple, with a black and white colour scheme with the odd pop of colour, and now that it is done I can say I stayed true to my original plans. Sure it is far from a Pinterest dream, unless I decide to make my bed more than once a week – if you are reading, sorry mum! – but that is a-okay with me.

Like the lazy bum that I am, I cherish all the time spent in bed. I don’t get to spend as much time as I would with it, but when I do, it is never bad and always never enough. As I said, I like crawling into an undone bed at night, bundle up in my white covers with a throw on my feet and watch Friends until I fall asleep. During weekends, if I feel wild, I would make myself breakfast and bring it to bed, ’cause why should I wait to have a significant other to do enjoy coffee in bed?!

I said the beach situation can’t be recreated, but I sure was able to recreate a bit of a Parisian feel. The most obvious homage to the city has to be the painting my parents gave me as an housewarming gift. I felt so grown up when I got it! I like that it keeps the black and white theme but yet subtly disrupts it with the red tree, I think it’s unexpected and gives a touch of brightness to the room.

Last but not least, the piece that took so long to complete, but that now is finally done, is my blackboard. I initially thought I could write stuff on it, which you can if you’d like, but I like to keep it more as a ‘picture only’ inspiration board. At the moment it is the house to a Vogue picture styled by Grace Coddington, some coffee related pictures and drawings, as well as some inspiring quotes from My Little Box.

Now do you see why I believe that bedrooms reflect the soul of the owner?


in collaboration with the bedding company, Parachute Home

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