Do Chanel Nail Polish Have a New Formula?



Chanel nail polishes have been known to have gorgeous fashion forward colours, classic packaging, premium price tag and not to be long-lasting. In fact, that is what inspired one of my first blog posts, when I discovered a way to make them last longer. Recently though, I would have to say that is no longer necessary.

My good friend Martina, who likes to spoil me for the holidays and birthday, gave me this lovely Chanel polish in 639 Exception. I really liked the colour, a dark brick red, quite unusual and not a shade that I would have probably picked up for myself – but that now I love, however the high maintenance bells were ringing in my brain already. Despite that, I was on holiday and I had a new ‘puppy’ to play with, so I painted my nails as soon as I got home and…Surprise!

Another thing that was unusual was the thickness and pigmentation of the formula. I always found the Chanel nail polishes, though beautiful, a little bit ‘watery’ so I needed to put three coats to get the intensity of colour I wanted. With this one, one coat would have sufficed, I just did two for luck and habit. The colour is very pigmented and the consistency of the nail polish seems thicker, nonetheless the coats dry quickly – I painted my nails today whilst typing and not a smudge in sight! And the final result lasted for 5 days without top coat, which I think is really good!

Now of course, if you are in a hurry you can still put on a top coat of Seche Vite for extra shine and fasten the product, but with this “new” formula, I might consider a purchase without too much guilt when the next IT-shade comes along.

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