30 Days of Yoga


New York, photo by Primož Lukežic 

Your YouTube, Bloglovin’, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds – did I forget any social media?! – are probably brimming with fitness advice and #NYR. This is not exactly one of those.

As I said I am not one for new year’s resolutions as I think more often then not you just do not end up doing all those amazing things you planned for your self. I actually took on this challenge just for the purpose of saving some cash  and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

I, as many, have a hate/love relationship with exercise. I don’t enjoy going to the gym, I like classes such as spinning, yoga and pilates but in a city like London it can be quite expensive or sometimes just not worth the money. So after almost 6 months, I controversially cancelled my gym membership to move to something more budget friendly and that’s how I found Adriene’s You Tube channel. As I suffer from anxiety, yoga is one of the best practice I could have taken on, and just to push it a little bit further I decided to take on her 30 Days of Yoga Challenge.

This challenge has nothing to do with looking like a Victoria’s Secret Model in a sneeze, or I don’t know, how to get a Kardashian butt. No, no….The 20 minutes long videos are there for you to take care of yourself and relax which is something that I find really rare and very much needed in most people’s lives. Adrienne’s soothing voice and fun attitude make the whole process really enjoyable and I end up not noticing I actually sweat a bit!

I’m on day 18 now, and I can already see the benefits of the whole challenge. I feel more relaxed everyday, happier overall, and I can positively say I am much more flexible – both mentally and physically! You’ll definitely won’t find me hanging like a monkey to a street light like in the picture anytime soon, but I am more than positive, I’ll keep the gym money in my pocket and use the challenge videos the whole year round. If I get a nice butt and abs in the making, mind me, I won’t complain…But that’s not the point, isn’t it?


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