Time to Cosy Up

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Winter months are made to cosy up in a blanked, drink a hot tea/cocoa/coffe/mulled wine and watch comedy movies. Now, I say winter months, but this is usually my idea for a perfect evening really…But anyways, My Little Box had the theme spot on this month! I think is safe to say that this is my favourite box so far, as it contains everything I enjoy.

The mascara is really nice. I was on a look out for a new one, as the ones that I use are either drying out or I am not 100% happy with. This is just a regular mascara, with plastic wand, which I personally prefer, that does what it says on the tin. I can vouch for the volumising part, but for the nourishing, I trust the beeswax and jojoba in it are doing their job. I also love the packaging, always cute as you would expect, kind of reminds me of the one from Topshop.

The eyeliner, I am yet to try. Only swatched on my hand, but it feels really soft, so I reckon it will be good for lining the eyes and create some definition. Surprise surprise, there was an mini Essie nail polish in the shade Cute as a Button thrown in there. Quite an unconventional shade for winter, as is this bright coral pink, but perfect for give a bit of life and happiness through the grey and rainy days of November on wards.

Together with the Little Box magazine, of which I loved the photography and the quote card, there was this a My Little Bouillotte, a small red and white polka dot, bead filled cushion designed by a Japanese designer, that you pop in the microwave to heat up and then you can snuggle with. I unfortunately don’t have a microwave at home, but I am planning to keep this little guy in the office for when I desperately wished I had a discreet hot water bottle for, you know…these times of the month. I won’t go as far as saying that I am looking forward the next cramps, but I think this little thing could just save the day.

Final thing in the box, and with no surprise at all, my favourite item, is the espresso cup. No surprise here. We all know I love coffee, but having a super cute cup, with a pick me up quote printed on it…I mean….The day could not just start than with the right foot!

The only downside, is that it took a while to arrive, it came on the 20th November, but the important thing is that it arrived. Now looking forward to the December one. What would French Santa bring?!


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