Style Dilemma

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This morning I was faced with my worst fashion dilemma after my favourite rigorously black riding boots abandoned me just when I had a foot outisde the door. Does brown and black go well together?  Now, living in London, the city of ‘everything goes’ is something that I shouldn’t be worried about, but I think this is the Italian in me that begs not to fall in that comforting and  relaxed set of mind. I grew up with the saying “marrone e nero, cafone vero” – “black and brown, true oafish” , you see how I would have doubts in pairing those two colour together. I then opted for my higer heel boots instead of flat brown ones, which quite frankly I regret, especially if in a rush.

All these matching shades rules are one of the reasons why I wear neutral colours, that and cause I am extremely lazy and can’t be bothered to try out stuff and see if they go together, and also, tube-induced sweat patches are difficult to detect in a whole black outfit.

But can you really not match brown and black? According to Pinterest I shouldn’t rush to buy a new pair just yet….

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