Stressed is Desserts Spelled Backwards

a14bc18b1631fb099ba08694530be196Today it was ‘that time of the month’ in its full on force. I am talking about the one that makes you cry as a baby for anything, as well as being the time of the month we pay rent and bills. The combination of the two, trust me, ain’t funny. But there is something that helps me feeling better. Baking.I am not a great cook, my friend Matteo is (you can see for yourself here), but if there is something I can do in the kitchen is bake, and make coffee. Great combination. Just thinking about it, makes me feel happy and peaceful and *insert zen drooly face here* So, today being one of those days where I felt poorly, I took to the kitchen and backed a kiwi cake for me and my flatmates to have for breakfast during the week. And God do I feel good and relaxed now.

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