My Little Parisienne Box

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3Finally got my hands on the first Little Box for the UK and couldn’t be more excited. The only thing that prevented me from actually squealing when I recieved my box is just because I was at the office. My location though didn’t prevent me to crach open the box to see what was inside.

*SPOILER ALERT* I am going to reveal and give you my opinion of the products and the box on the whole… If you didn’t yet receive your box, then you can go back to the home page and see if there’s something else you’d fancy to read…Otherwise, let’s virtually open the box together!

The theme of this month was the Parisienne, which is depicted by the girl, having coffee and reading Le Monde, which is basically me any day, just replace Le Monde with something more frivolous and… voilà!

When you open the box you see a supercute little pouch signed My Little Box with some products inside, a laptop sleeve, a leaflet, one print, some Parisian style stickers and a notepad with the same drawing as the one from the box. *insert heart-eyed emoji everywhere*

In the pouch: A more than decent 30ml Laura Mercier Foundation Primer, which I already got from a Urban Retreat goodybag last year. I don’t think my friend did mind about that! A My Little Beauty Stylo Lumière (worth £11), an highlighter pen with a brush tip. I tried it on the same friend for a quick touch up before she headed to a Fashion Week – isn’t she lucky?!, and it made for a really good pickme up after 8 hours of work. A little goes a long way. Perfect to add a bit of golden glow on to the highpoints, or even as cream eyeshadows for when you are in a hurry. Then my personal favourite of them all – a 10ml sample of Nuxe Multi-Purpose Dry Oil (£17/50ml). This stuff smells DEVINE, makes your hair look very shiny and is quickly absorbed by the skin.

The laptop sleeve is super cute as well. The design is different from the one sold by My Little Corner here, with a design by Kanako, biensûr, with a navy polka dot design and a lady walking her dog under the rain (?!). I reckon it would fit a 13in laptop easily, it’s stuffed enough to protect you laptop decently and is definitely something I wouldn’t be ashamed of showing.

The print with a quote saying “Why Paris? Paris needs no reason. Paris is its own reason.” by Maureen Johnson. That would definetly go on to my mood board.

The Verdict: I am very happy with My Little Box. I am sold by the design, you know how much I love Kanako’s drawings. The products were good as well, actually I like the variety between the beauty products and the lifestyle ones. Can’t wait for next month’s!


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