The Bedroom Project


Since I moved to my new apartment in June, me and my flatmate have done the strict necessary to decorate our new home. Living with two boys, as you can imagine, is not always easy when it comes to those little important things that make a house a home. They are more for the modern, bright colours furniture and gadgets, instead I am more for the Scandinavian, neutral colours kind a’ girl. We managed fine so far, trying to make the common areas fairly neutral, each of us adding some touches with things that we like trying to avoid the hotchpotch effect keeping our bedrooms the rooms to fully express our interior designer.

My room is still a work in progress. As for my clothes, I am keeping the white and black theme with a pop of colour here and there. So far I managed to do very little, but here’s what I have in mind.

I don’t own plenty of bags, so I thought it could have been nice and somewhat original to store them in Le Sac en Papier (£8.50), to keep rigorously on the French side – to keep company to my Eiffel Tower painting over my desk.

le-sac-en-papier howlinsandra peastyle paperbagNext one, is the bit for which I am the most excited about. It’s a chalckwall/mood board. I’ve seen on Amazon that you can actually buy peel & stick chalkboards for £13.50 (or £15 on Peastyle) to create your own chalkboard wall without actually painting the wall – can I repeat chalkboard and wall more?! The dream would be to create a moodboard such as this one I found on Pinterest. Isn’t it dreamy?! Speaking of Pinterest I am slowly creating a collection on my Pinterest wall of things I would like to print out. What do you think?!


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