Paris meets London



It is no shocker that I am a fan of My Little Paris, I mentioned them in my posts a few times, love Kanako’s drawings and I could get lost in their Pinterest all day long… Is just too cute, and an immediate Parisian fix.

One of the million things I drool over when browsing their website, was their beauty boxes – My Little Box. Not long ago, before going on holiday, I was going on and on with my friend Mariline on how gorgeous the design of the boxes was and how I wished I could put my hands on them. Apparently a Little Bug must have heard me, cause My Little Box, would soon be coming to the UK – Hooray! Keep your eyes peeled for when I manage to grab one of the boxes, cause Sir….that is sure to be happening. And if they open a My Little office here in London, I’ll make sure to move in PRONTO!

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