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Last Sunday I’ve meet up with Lily and Anna and other beauty bloggers for their #LilyAnnaPicNic. Although it got a little overwhelming at the beginning, when the groups got smaller I felt more at ease. If I met some of you guys, was very nice meeting you and sorry if I was a bit of a retard! Me and late nights don’t do very well nd at my age coffee takes a while to kick in….

At the end of the afternoon I managed to grab Lily and Anna for a bit o’ random question sesh. We know the girls, and as they probably get asked lots of question about blogging and YouTube, I though it would have been more fun to ask them 24 random question for them to reply as fast as they could. Probably would have been better and easier to have this on a video wouldn’t it?! But I am a bit camera shy a the mo’… Baby steps…

Enough with me, here’s what the girls said:

1. What is the best thing that happened to you this year?

Lily: Going to Malta.

Anna: Going to Ghana.

2, What is the best thing that happened to you this month?

L: This pic nic!

A: Mark being best man, that got me a bit teary.

3. What is the best thing ever?

L: Food – we can see who’s the foodie here between the two

A: Family

4. Favourite holiday?

L: Thailand

A: New York

5. Would you leave anywhere besides London?

L: No, but if I had to may be New York

A: New York, again!

6. Which Sex & the City character do you identify with the most?

L: Have to ask my friend Debbie…She says that I am a Miranda.

A: I never watched Sex and the City! *hides self after a general gasp* – you need to catch up girl! But everyone says I’m a Charlotte – Debbie who seems to be the S&C expert in the group agrees…Please if you are reading this educate the girl!

7. What’s the biggest surprise you ever had?

L: When my sister told me she was pregnant. She came home saying “Guess who I met today?” I was sure it was Stevie Wonder, but then she showed me the little scan.

A: When Mark took me to Paris for my 21st birthday.

8.  If you could do a flashmob where would it be?

L: Oxford Circus signing “Happy” by Pharrell.

A: In a station, dancing “Thriller” by Michael Jackson, although I am not a very good dancer.

9. What’s your favourite dessert?

L: Cheese Cake

A: Sticky Toffee Pudding

10. Favourite colour?

L: Blue.

A: Can I say black? Gray. It’s not black, still is neutral…Yeah, I’d go with gray.

11. Who’s your fashion icon?

L&A: Olivia Palermo – although Rich and Mark both claim to be their respective halve’s fashion icons

12. What do you do to feel confident?

L: Hang out with my friends.

A: I sleep over it, and then it’ll be better.

13.Who, dead or alive, would you like to have coffee with?

L: Stevie Wonder, no doubt.

A: I don’t know…Anna Wintour, I’d try to make her laugh.

14.Twitter or instagram?

L: Instagram

A: Twitter, it’s easier to have a conversation there.

15. Who inspires you? – *Cheese Alert!*

L: Anna

A: Lily

16. Sweet or savoury?

L: Savoury, all the way…

A: Sweet

17. Favourite country you visited?

L: Thailand


18. Favourite country you want to visit?

L: Canada

A: Australia

19. Kittens or puppies?

L & A: Puppies

20. What’s your spirit animal?

L: What is that? Friends shout  “Sloth!” – she’s not very pleased but has to kind of agree with them

A: Giraffe – Although Lily said she’d a sparrow and Mark thinks she’s a robin. I don’t suggest trying to put these three animals together in one, as I just did. It doesn’t look pretty!

21. What would you be without online you?

L: I’d be the same me, but working in marketing and social media. Probably I’d use my phone less.

A: I’d be a florist. I love receiving flowers *Mark doesn’t listen – or probably pretends to. Men….* and arrange them and make them look pretty.

22. What’s your favourite movie?

L: Life is beautiful by Roberto Benigni.

A: Love Actually and Dirty Dancing

23. If your life was a nail polish what would be the name? – I admit that was mean on my part, but was too good not to ask. I appreciate it took them a while to came up with

L: Organised Orange, because I always need to organise.

A: Busy Beige. Had to be a nude, and always feel I’m very busy.

Finally… I wouldn’t be #StupidFace without asking this …
24. Can you make a stupid face? – I guess the above picture says it all!

Thanks Lily and Anna for answering to my silly questions, hope you enjoyed as much as I did!

If you don’t follow Lily and Anna you’re seriously missing out –  you can read their blogs here and here, you’ll find all the other means of stalking them on there too – together with great beauty advice!


  1. Nicole Jade Faulks
    August 4, 2014 / 4:35 pm

    This is an awesome post! I hope you tweeted it to them, I’m sure they will love that photo 😉

    The picnic was amazing wasn’t it, I hope they do it again 🙂

    Nicole |

    • August 4, 2014 / 7:31 pm

      Thanks Nicole! I did tweet them 🙂 The pic mic was really nice, it got me some used to, there were a lot of people! But at the end had loads of fun! 🙂

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