*GIVEAWAY* Alert! – Pillowproof Nails


One of the most relaxing things to do is doing my nails. The whole shebang Spa-like thing, with hot water and all…You can read more about my nail care routine here if you fancy. However, and I know I am not alone in this, I have the tendency to paint my tips in the less appropriate moments. Just before cooking, or going to bed, leaving the house or need to pee – I know we’ve all been there... More often than not tough, I do my nails in the evening whilst I am watching Ru Paul Drag Race on TV with my flatmates. Buff, file, paint, after one or two (?) episodes I’ll be ready to go to bed thinking my nails are perfectly dry, just to find out the day after pillow marks on all my tips which frankly doesn’t go with my OCD, so I end up taking all off spoiling all the work previously done.

The scene however, massively changed since I started using Seche Vite and oh boy can’t I get enough of the stuff! Paint it on just as you would for your regular top coat and you’re set. The reason why I love it so much is because it cuts down one of my biggest beauty bores – waiting the polish to dry – after painting all my nails with colour, I immediately follow with Seche Vite. And boom! My nails are dry I am ready to go to bed without the ugly surprise of pillow marks the day after. Also, I find my nail polish is less likely to chip and stays shiny as the first day for longer. Winner!

Now, let’s go down to business…GIVEAWAY TIME! If you want to win a bottle of the awesome stuff that is Seche Vite you need to:

  • Live in the UK – sorry all international readers! Unfortunately is not possible to ship liquids outside the UK, don’t despair, you’ll get a chance to win something soon! 🙂
  • Like Kia Grace of good ol’ FB (feel free to follow me anywhere else you feel like and  say hi! I don’t usually bite) and enter the competition
  • The giveaway is open from the 20th July to the 3rd August 2014



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