Easy Rouge



Red lipsticks I find to be as fascinating as they are scary. Spending the weekend in Paris I couldn’t help but noticing how girls here wear a bright lip more as a stain accompanying their effortless, chic makeup look they are known for and which I love so much!

Despite loving a bright bold red lip on other girls, who most of the time look gorgeous, I rarely feel comfortable when I try to achieve the same look, and to be honest is also quite high maintenance for a lazy bum as myself. Who can be bothered to reapply every time one drinks or eats something?

For this reason I go to the more comfortable shores of chubby sticks, coloured lip balms or sheer lipsticks which I can build up easily so to have a wider spectrum of coverage if you will.

My recent choice to give my natural look a bit of rouge oomph has to be Collistar Twist Ultra Shiny Gloss*(12.60 EUR) in the shade 206 Orange – Or so I think, it’s so well love that it stayed in my bag for a few months and now the packaging is quite battered.
Perfect for applications on the go, for when you are so late for work you just need something to slap on to pretend you actually spent a lot of time making yourself up. The tip of the stick is just as a lipstick’s so it’s precise, whilst the colour can be builded up from sheer barely-there to a fuller colour.

The formula has phospholipids in the collagen to subtly increase the volume of lips over time so they feel fuller, plumper and firmer – if it’s the rubber boat lips effect your after though, this is not for you- whilst hyaluronic acid and other softening ingredients keep lips fully moisturised avoiding the step of lip balm.

If you, like my self are fans of the slap it on and off you go formulas this one is definitely right up your street.

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