My Little Radio



I am not necessarily a music type…Not that I don’t like music, I do and a lot as well…Just I am not the one that knows all the cool bands, and the latest it-song… I think my music gene stopped in the 90s early 2000s with Spice Girls, Back Street Boys, and Hit Mania Dance…

Then I regressed and proudly stayed in the grunge genre and late 80s rock – one day I’ll tell you about my obsession of wanting to become the female version of Kurt Cobain , minus the death obviously, dying at 27 never was part of my plan. But anyways, I guess what I am trying to say, that in the lack of a up to date music repertoire if you will, is quite often that I feel stuck in my routine, where my iPhone or my playlist on Deezer can seem to satisfy my needs.

That was the scene until I stumbled across My Little Radio whilst stalking the My Little Paris Pinterest account. Powered by Deezer, My Little Radio had me sorted with playlists for any événement of the day –  from waking up. to making up, to lunch break, to concentrate post-lunch, to feel sexy…You name it, the situation is there with its proper soundtrack. I like that I don’t know many of the songs, and the fact that I can have my own soundtrack whilst doing my everyday activities, just makes it easier for me to imagine I am actually playing in a movie.


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