It Smells Like Summer

afterlight-2Growing up I always thought designer fragrances were the only way to go when fancying a nice spritz. I remember spending afternoons rampaging through my mum’s perfume drawer trying every fragrance on, no matter how much she didn’t like it – sorry mum! Now that I am a little bit older, and don’t steal my mum’s perfumes anymore, apart from the odd visit here and there, I tend to gravitate towards cheaper shores since I like to have more fragrances to chose from.

The high street offers a lot of choice, from celebrity’s fragrances and body spray, my personal favourite brand for fragrances has to be Zara. Odd choice, I know! People don’t even notice their fragrance offer most of the time as you kind of need to look for it. My picks for summer have to be White and Textures (£6 each for the bigger size). If you are looking for a Dolce and Gabbana dupe for Light Blue – my all time favourite summer fragrance – then Texture is definitely the way to go. It’s citrusy, fresh and it lingers the whole day. Same goes for White.

Unfortunately, fragrances don’t seem to be on their website, but when you find yourself in a Zara, look next to the tills or in the corners and have a little sniff…I know I will!


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