Living on a Budget

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Image from Pinterest

Living on a budget ain’t easy business let me tell you. When I moved to London I went all through the phases of being a student and be supported by my family, for which I will never be grateful enough, to finding a job, rent a house and treat my self at the same time. I went to waiting tables to an office job, yet I always want to grow, and get more.

As you probably came to learn by now, is that I’m no easy pleaser. I am very particular and I had to came to terms with the fact that I don’t have “cheap” taste (have you seen my whish list?!) and is something that I am afraid can’t be changed – and I don’t want to to be quite honest –  but it can be tamed. It all comes down to Prioritising.

Prioritising is something that I constantly struggle with as I always want to do million things, buy million things, have a nice house, travel…These things cost, and as much as I would love to be able to do everything, it’s often necessary to cut some things off or be a bit weary.

First things first I usually have to cut off – very sadly – is makeup and nail polishes. The one in one out policy should do the trick. I have enough to keep me going for yonks! So from now on, only what is finished gets repalced. However, just to overcome the cold turkey effect, I still leave my Birchbox subscription going, so don’t expect to see beauty disappear from this space!

Second of all, I try to cut out lunches/dinners out and going with the cheaper option for my traditional Sunday night pizzaAu revoir Funghi di Bosco, bonsoir Margherita!

Then, on to the bigger savings is travel, when taking the bike if you are that daring, or taking the bus instead of the tube – this one can save you a LOT of money in the long run.

These are just little things that make the difference without completely cutting you out from your social life or change too much your standard of living, I feel.

What do you do for living on a budget?


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