A Cappuccino Down Memory Lane



It feels like ages I graduated, many things have changed, jobs, friends have come and gone, other are still here, houses definitely have been changed more than once! Last week I found my self strolling around my old uni area, waiting for rehearsal, when I stumbled across one of my favourite spots of my uni time –  Store Street Espresso. I ordered my usual cappuccino and sat in the the smallest place the had. Whilst sipping and reading Stylist  I felt so different from when I used to go there during exams period and especially dissertation writing.

You know me, as a coffee lover any excuse is good enough to get me into a café and exams and dissertation were no different. I preferred Store Street’s atmosphere to the library’s, less people, less stressed people especially, and best of all I could have a warm cup whilst studying. Obviously not the cheapest of options, but that definitely float my boat and saw me passing my exams, papers and dissertation. I remembered my self full of papers and books, spread all over the table scribbling and highlighting like a loony.

Last week picture was so different yet strangely similar to that of two years ago. There were no more papers or books around me, my clothes were different, my attitude was different, but certainly the taste of my cappuccino, the sense of relax and the pleasure of the rustic sugar holder, that, was definitely the same.

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