These are a few of my favourite things – May Favourite


May has been a hell of a crazy month! Between moving, my parents coming and settling in the new area whilst still maintain somewhat of a social life has been hard and fun at the same time. For this reason I don’t really have any beauty favorites to show you, so I though the best way was to give you May highlights from my Instagram feed  – which is @kiagrace12 if you fancy follow me.



Getting a mentioned by my absolute favourite blogger Anna in her Milan Vlog | Start studying again, just when I decided that my study days were over  – Blog Life by A Beautiful Mess 

image-2Having my makeup done by one of Charlotte Tilbury team – all the deers here | Having my parents coming over after 3 years that I live in London, and having them meeting all my friends | Being on a bus at South Bank and enjoying the commute with fireworks | Decorating my new room


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