Nail Art for Noobs


Apart from colour, I’ve never been so much of a trend chaser for what concerns nails, I was never into the artsy thing you can do to your nails, and may I be doomed if you find me in extra long Rihanna claw-like nails. That certainly ain’t happening any time soon! I’d say the only trends I got into was the ring finger accent one and glitters, and admittedly I was big with the French manicure back in high school day, when I decided that there was nothing wrong about looking like a girl.

Despite this I recently got myself a little Nail Art set from Amazon consisting of 12 different brushes for just £0.75 – YES! That’s not a typo, 75p….I thought it was a good enough of investment if I never got the hang of it or came to realize I’ll be yet classic also in the way I wear nail polish. To be honest, for how they’re shaped and for their thickness they can be easily converted as eyeliner brushes.

Yesterday afternoon popped them out to a give them a go whilst chilling in front of a (few) 2 Broke Girls episodes, and decided I would try out the simple nail art I saw on last month Allure Issue – nude with two thin lines of black (photos on the left) – Side note,  was actually a photo related to an hair style, but if you’re obsessed with nails as I am, of course the nail art will get more of your attention. I liked the look as it is not too in your face yet gives a little sumthin’ sum thin’ to the more classical nude you’ll be very likely to see me sporting recently.

I decided though to move things a step further, and swap the black for a more summery baby blue – cause despite what the weather wants me to believe we’re in Autumn, we are well almost in June, and I am in full summer mode! I usedO.P.I. Nail Envy (£8.33) as a base, two coats of Essie Ballet Slippers to give a bit of a creamier yet sheer base. After waiting it to dry, I took one of the small/medium sized flat top bush from the set dipped in M.A.C. In the Limelight (limited edition) and starting painting the white tips of my nails and waited for it to dry to go then with the second line. However whilst waiting, I really like the result as it was. It’s nothing too ground breaking, it’s a very subtle French with a little twist of colour. So, when dry, I topped it all with Collistar Gel Top Coat (EUR14) and I was done. I’ve been obsessed since, I keep staring at my nails like a weirdo or making all my friends notice it, thank God they know me well enough not to put me into an institution!

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