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Since I was a little girl I’ve always been one of those that when she really loves something, she watches it over and over and over….Ask my siblings if they didn’t wish to pop their eyes out in my The Beauty and the Beast phase, or my parents if they didn’t want to throw my stereo out of the window when listening to Nirvana all the darn time. Nothing much changed since then, I’m still an obssesive obnoxious person.

My repeat list is quite fashion-centric lately which is rather suprising, since I’m quite the opposite of what you could call a fashionista. On the list are: Mademoseille C, The Rachel Zoe Project, and The September Issue. You’ve been warned!

I don’t know what it is about them I can’t really seem to stop to watch them. A part from the luxury and exciting life style these people live, I much more like the creative side and love/hate, stressful aspect of them all. In the September Issue, I could rewind to every single Grace Coddington photoshoot the woman is directing and styling. Just so beautiful and so detailed, the colours and the story….Amazing! With Mademoiselle C I get my daily dose of French and artistic aura, which is the same one I get with Rachel Zoe –  a lot of madness, a lot of stress but sooo inspiring!

Is there any other fashion movies or documentary I am missing? Fire away….






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