Home Decor Fever

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The more the moving day seems to get closer, the more I get excited about home decor. This never happened to me before. I used to hate everything house related and trips to Ikea were just an endless nightmare to me, but now….Now I can’t stop thinking about how I would decorate my ideal home, and I just try to avoid Ikea just because, you know….rent needs  to be payed somehow! So this sudden change can just mean one thing….I’m becoming my mother! I find it quite enjoyable though, and not surprisingly at all, my home decor taste is just as like my fashion philosophy – less is more!

Caroline Roitfeld (middle) and Rachel Zoe’s (last) living room and office are definitely up my alley as for office inspiration. Two sides of the world, one thing in common: a passion for Mademoiselle Coco Chanel, which is translated into a really neutral and stylish decor, with a classic, French, chic aura. I especially love the glass table and the delicate touch of the flowers.

Fresh flowers is also what I ideally would put on my coffee table or night stand, together with a Dyptique candle and a stack of fashion books or magazines as in the first picture.

What is your home decor inspiration?

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