A little piece of Italy in St. Paul’s – Carter Lane Coffee


from https://it.foursquare.com/v/carter-lane-coffee-house/506c5338e4b04f6e057f64cf

from https://it.foursquare.com/v/carter-lane-coffee-house/506c5338e4b04f6e057f64cf


By now, is no secret I have an addition to coffee. If you remember my Ode to Coffee post, I was telling you how I missed having a kind of an Italian-style bar, where you build a nice relationship with your baristas, have a chat whilst sipping a proper espresso. Apparently my prayers have been answered in the form of Carter Lane Coffee House. Conveniently close to work I now know where to get a shot of home whenever I need to. The coffee is the real espresso size, one shot straight that wakes me up when I need it the most – post lunch sleepiness, does it ring a bell? Although size matters, coffee is really good too. Suffice to say, the first time I got inside, I got a marocchino and almost cried with joy…Literally! The girls who run the coffee shop are really nice as well, very friendly and I enjoy having a giggle with them and just have a chitchat – which is surprising cause is not something I usually enjoy, so that tells you how excited and happy I get every time I step foot in there.

Have you ever been there? What is the coffee shop that makes you feel more at home?  

Carter Lane Coffee House, 50A Carter Lane, EC4V 5EA London 


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