Curly Hair Routine – Taming the beast

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After 25 years I managed to tame the beast – a.k.a. my curly hair. If you a straight haired girl, like my sister and nieces, you’re probably hating me right now, but I was one of the curly haired girl who used to straighten and hate her curly hair. It didn’t matter how people told me how beautiful my curly hair were, I always felt they looked horrible, like a massive pile or stuff on top of my head, making me literally feel like Disco Stu. In the last past year though, I don’t know what the reason was, but I started actually liking my natural curly hair, and wanted to get the best out of them. This is my routine to get voluminous, bouncing curly hair. – Do I want to say curly hair one more time, maybe?! CURLY HAIR.

In the shower, for reasons unknown, I wash my hair twice with two different shampoos. I start with one pump of the John Frieda Shampoo (£8.99 for 500ml) which is really good to give thin hair like mine a decent volume. As second shampoo I take a dollop of the John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls(£ 5.50) to keep frizz at bay and the keep the curls bouncy. After leaving the hair rapped in a towel for a while, usually long enough to chill and enjoy an episode from The Hills, it’s time to style.

Depending on the times, I might decide to use a mousse to give extra volume, and for that surprise surprise I use the John Frieda Volume Thickening Mousse (£5.99), then I spray the whole hair with the TRESemme Heat Defence Styling Spray* then I proceed to drying with a diffuser hair dryer, medium heat. After that I use a curling iron, to perfect random bits which I feel are too frizzy. I make sure not to curl too many, cause I still want to keep the messy hair look, but still polish enough not too look like the crazy cat lady in the Simpson’s. I finish all up using the Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Leave In Conditioner (£5.99) to keep the ends moisturized in order to prevent split ends. I repeat this last step twice a day, before going to bed and before I head out in the morning.

Finally I’m back to be the boss of my own hair. I love how quick and easy the washing hair malarkey has gotten, plus I haven’t had so many split ends as I used to.

Do you have curly hair? What do you do to keep your beast at bay?



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