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When taking pictures I always find it very difficult to find a good background or a nice prop for the products I want to show you guys. Since buying the Bobbi Brown’s Make Up Manual, and probably also due to my re-kindled Rachel Zoe addition I’ve been on the hunt for beauty and fashion books that create a collection. Beauty and fashion books not only are interesting, if you are into the subject, but I find them to be also very inspiring and beautiful to look at. The pictures you can find in them are often very good props and backgrounds for your own pictures, so for me creating such a collection would be a win-win situation.

First on my list is Lauren Conrad’s Beauty and Style books:



I am OBSESSED with Lauren Conrad, always was since the time of The Hills, I find her style and attitude very down to heart and lady like, and very approachable, so it would be very interesting to see her take on beauty and style. I read he sample of Beauty on my iPad and the phrase “not even the models look like themselves” got me. Plus, we share the same sense of aesthetic, so I’m pretty sure I’ll find some good background worthy pictures in her books.

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen’s Influence


In my teen years I definitely was an Olsen die-hard fan. Nothing they’d made I was not interested in and could anticipate every word in their E! True Story documentary. This book put them back on my radar and the title says it all Influence. Influence and inspiration is something I’ve been struggling lately and this book could be just part of the answers to my problems. The fact that there’s a DVF interview in it, is a selling point to me!

If you have any other suggestions, please fire away…I’m all ears!

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