Spring afternoon perfection





Today is one of those day where nothing bad can happen, really. Everything is just perfect – it’s warm, is sunny and everyone seems so happy and relaxed. Gotta love it!

Weekend’s mornings I like to spend in bed snoozing my working week off my shoulder and just relax. Today was an exception though as me and my friend Lara had a 10.30am casting call in the city. Mind me, we are no professional models, so starting the day with a casting already set the foot off for a pretty special and fun day. Coffee on one hand, we went for it and as soon as we were done, we decided to make the most of the sunny weather. No coat and sun, in London, on the same day? Had to carpe diem!

Being in the area we went to Covent Garden, got a cappuccino at Monmouth coffee to get head to the Piazza. First stop was Dior, but it was in Burberry that we found the man of our dreams. Since it was Mother’s Day, Burberry was offering a handwritten in beautiful beautiful calligraphy a personalised message to go with it. Let me tell you, speaking to that man made our day. Don’t get me started in his voice, which was quite frankly knickers dropping, but the way he was writing it was just so hypnotising, we stood there so long he wrote down our names after a little chat. It was probably his way of getting rid of the creepies, I like to think he kind of enjoyed us being creepy so much so to write down our names for free. Dreamy!

Time for some shopping and more coffee with friends. We then headed to Chelsea for The Budapest Grand Hotel, followed by a walk to Battersea. Lovely!

How was your week end?

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