The importance of Patience


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Patience is something I always struggled with. Since I was a little kid, I never had the patience to wait for things to happen, they needed to happen when I said so, but this is not how life works, isn’t it? I had to train myself in being more patient during these years, and it doesn’t always come easy, especially when I really want to achieve something. I believe the lack of patience is something most people struggle with. Thinking about it though, would it be THAT good having things happen when we want to?

Snapping our fingers and have whatever we want or want to happen, would be rewarding and undoubtedly enjoyable at the beginning, but in the long run, would be something we would get bored of. Guess why? Cause when struggling, we often forget the fact that our struggle to get something is, in fact, the thing we unexpectedly end up to have enjoyed the most. Is the struggle that makes the achievement so sweet and rewarding. Think about all the times you saved some money to buy that bag, that product, you really really wanted. Or all those months you spent studying to graduate in time, cause that was the only way you could have gone to London and start a new adventure. When you finally got your product, or when you graduated after such hard work, didn’t you feel a sense of achievement? That sense is given by all your hard work, and the struggle you had to go through. It wasn’t fun, definitely not something to experience again if you could choose, but that’s what put you into the position you are now.

So this ramble is dedicated to all of you, who just like me, want thing to happen as soon as possible. We’d get there eventually. I strongly believe everything happen for a reason. Keep working hard, surround yourselves with people that love you and will remind you how amazing you are, even when you think you are not worth a dime, and stay positive. Everything will come around at the right time.

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