16 Signs you’re obsessed with coffee – Who…moi?!


I know I know….I haven’t posted in a while, feels like ages although it must have just been 2 days, and is not even Le Café day….Mea culpa! Work has been HECTIC to say the least this week, so I wasn’t really able to squeeze the blog in…But hopefully you can forgive me….

Today’s post is inspired by my coffee break during a midnight work session (started at 7.30am). While sipping on my cappuccino – which I count as a half coffee ’cause it is polluted by milk, hence me having it so late at night –  I came across a fellow Coffee Lover board on Pinterest, and here’s what I found… 16 Signs You’re Obsessed with Coffee – Beside the fact that you’re already on your third cup of the day… I just had my second whilst typing, so I cannot be THAT bad…


Well….I’m guilty of that, can barely speak Italian when I haven’t had my espresso yet, leave alone English! So if you’re looking for rational, deep thoughts before 11am, you better not even try. If absolutely necessary though, you better come with an espresso in your hands – for me of course!


I mean, if YOU CAN’T, there’s really something wrong with you… I’d call my GP if I were you!


Duh! What’s the point?!


Uuuh….that’s a tough one….Food for thoughts, indeed! Let’s see, it depends if we’re talking good coffee and good sex, it’s a tough call…I’d say Deux c’est mieux que un! Bring me coffee after, and I’m yours!


Mmmmh….Definitely was the case at uni and school…I’m getting old, my bladder is not what it used to be – TMI for all of you there!


So that would be £3-ish…Defo happened, and will keep happening, although I only take cappuccino’s out of the house. A girls does what she’s gotta do! Although I would never pay THAT much money for a coffee in Italy (almost EUR 4), that would be outrageous! For that price, you should have gone to Brazil by foot, came back, grounded the coffee with your fists in front of my eyes and brewed it…THEN, I’d pay that much!


Strong opinions?!? No, quando mai?!  I am a coffee snob, especially an espresso snob, so when out of the house, far from my Nespresso machine (that I call my baby, THAT is how deep I’m into it. When you miss the last stop, there’s no way back!) I only order cappuccinos. Starbucks, I like it just during Christmas time, Costa….not my favourite. If I had to go mainstream coffee chain, I’d go Caffé Nero.


It is definitely the case in Italy, in my Town (we actually exchange gifts at Christmas) and at the seaside, where we have a holiday house. Those people saw me grow up and follow my coffee lover parent’s steps.


To be fair in Italy is not that difficult, the majority of us drinks espresso…You go in a coffee shop and just ask for coffee, and an espresso is what you’d get. God I miss it!


Hahahahaha, I have my friends posting it to my FB wall, makes me laugh all the time!


Yeah, now that is just BS (pardon!)….Take my four cups away from me and you’ll be joining the Walking Dead cast very soon!


No, I’d judge you if you had one…. WHY on hearth?! Espresso is the way to go!


Oh yes…Nothing better than the smell of warm coffee to start the day right!


No, this one I skip, the best is Stracciatella (chocolate chip ice cream) and After Eight…


Gross, but it depends for how long the coffee has been there! If it’s the aftermath of the just drinking a coffee, yeah is fine!

WOW! That was fun! 15 out of 16…It does not surprise me! I didn’t expect it to become a TAG kind of post when I started writing, but if you have strong opinions on coffee and would like to do this tag in a form of post, video or whatever, comment below I would love to read/watch your answers!

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