The Event – Beauty School Drop Out @ Harvey Nichols

photoBeauty school drop out/ No graduation day for you / Beauty school drop out… Excuse the Grease interlude, just had to be done….Can’t prevent myself to go all jukebox-y these days!

Last Thursday I took part at Harvey Nichols’ Beauty Drop Out don’t sing, don’t singevent in Knightsbridge. The event was properly organised as if we were at school – we had a timetable, school desk and all… Although we didn’t have caterer passing by with champagne, cranberry vodka, and fancy marshmallow walking around the room. I’d that was the case there would have been way less drop outs #whatdoyouthinkwhatdoyoureckon?!

The classes were devided in more ‘science-y’ ones at the ground floor, and the more engaging presentations on the third floor, where I spent most of my time – front sit, such a nerd!
YSL, Armani, Foreo, Only Fingers and Toes, Cover FX….just to name a few, are the ones I attended. My personal favourites had been: Cover FX class on contouring taken by their makeup artist who was HILARIOUS; Only Fingers and Toes was presented by its founder and Natalie Portman’s nail artist; and Foreo’s Luna mini demonstration…Needless to say I LOVE IT and want that in my life!

At the end of the event we got given a lovely and chic tea towel, which I feel you’ll be seeing as a background of my videos soon!

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