Sephora US Teeny Tiny Haul


Oh Sephora, Sephora, the beauty place that gets the UK beauty lovers to squeal when passing by one when on holiday, resulting in huge hauls video and posts when back home. Well, let me say, I am not one of them! Space NK would rather provoke the aforementioned scenario, though unfortunately for the mean hole-handed side of me, never resulted in any kind of haul so far…One day, one day I’ll manage!

However, the day came when Sephora almost got me screaming at my desk in my very quiet office. You made it Sephora! Whilst sipping my cappuccino, scrolling down my Twitter feed I found numerous beauty blogger going crazy about Sephora US shipping to the UK…SAY WHAAAT?!? Ten seconds later, there I was browsing in the search for Tarte. Since coming across a picture on this beauty, I was resigned to the idea that I’d never get my hands on the most perfect and beautiful of neutral, all matte shades palette – the MATTEnificent. But so it happens that some times, dreams do come true…*put into basket, check out, on your way*

I couldn’t be more happy with the service really, not even the time to come back from my week holiday, that the palette was already on my desk, 5 days after ordering! BOOM! Another shocker! I’ll leave the explaining to the shipping to the British Beauty Blogger here.

Now down to business…Let’s have a look a the palette…


Let’s address the packaging, shall we?! Haven’t you seen something more beautiful? *yoga breathing, fans self* Inside you have all you ned for a neutral, everyday make up. Six eyeshadows to cover, base, lids outer corner and crease, you also get two liners in a dark coffee shade and black, finishing off with the blusher/countour shade. All finished off with a huge mirror, and a double ended brush to pack the colour on and blend. Done and done, perfect for the makeup on the go, as it is retailed in a very sturdy package with a huge mirror… Would you like to see some looks  you can create with this?

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