Holiday at home – Food and beauty the Italian way










Oh is good to be home and leave the chaotic fast paced London for a week or so to charge up your batteries. As not all of you might know, my hometown is a little town in the south-east of Milan, I’d say that for someone coming from the city might be labelled as country side, even though I’d rather say it is something in between. I seriously did nothing more than eating, sleeping, catching up with friends and be with my family…Gotta love it!

Since is Sunday, I’ve better get started with le food, n’est pas? I got home just in time for Carnival where, at least in Milan, we eat chiacchere *picture above* and tortelli alla crema. The former is just fried thin dough with icing sugar on top, whilst the latter are fried dough balls covered in caster sugar and filled with custard – nom nom!

In the second pictures from the bottom you can see some Palestinian sweets my friend brought at dinner, in theme with my mum homemade cous cous which she cooks the Libian way, just as she was taught by my dad’s step-mum. I was quite scared I wouldn’t like those kind of sweets as they contained different nuts of which I am not a huge fan of, but let me tell you, they are as good and inviting as they seem! The rest of the week was basically cheese bonanza, from burrata to gorgonzola, you name it I got it into ma’ belly!

I won’t even get started on coffee, because I’ll keep you here till your hair turn gray, so I’ll just divert to the lovely breakfast I had with one of my best friends, shopping companion and former Parisian neighbour, Martina. If she is happening to visit her boyfriend in Milan, we have this little tradition going on to have breakfast in Duomo at this lovely café called Bar Madonnina in Corso Vittorio Emanuele. This year, the day was so lovely we sat on the terrace and chatted away whilst drinking our cappuccino and eating our croissants. Life just can’t get better! Of course when with her, we cannot help ourselves to do some shopping and faith wanted we were in one of Milan’s most famous shopping streets… There might be a haul video coming your way *wink wink*


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