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With spring coming up I was really up for a hair change. I tried ombrée before (as you can see here) but this time I wanted to go lighter. It was difficult to decide what kind of effect I wanted, I like to make sure I am really comfortable and convinced with what I want, as I am a big hair obsessed gal, two hands are not enough to count the times I came out of a salon with a fake smile, to then cry at my mum or dad in the car cause I didn’t get the style I’ve asked for. Eventually, I found the perfect hairdresser for me Elena, who has a little salon in my home town, and she is the only one I 100% trust doing anything to my hair. But I’m digressing.

The Kardashian are my guilty pleasure, when I want to relax and turn off the brain, is the thing I go for. As everyone, I have my favourite sister, Khloé. I’m not too much in her style, as I am more for a classic look, but her hair, let me tell you her hairdresser did a good job with her last style. So here I was at my salon, showing Elena Khloé’s picture as colour inspiration.

Unfortunately my hair are not as long as Khloé – working on that –  but I was very pleased with the result. The colour will go lighter the more washing I do which I don’t mind as we are hopefully going for sunnier days, and I also think I will look really good with my natural curly hair. The job took 3 hours, and Elena used the Coppola’s method as she told me, which consists in backcombing the roots to then apply the colour with the hands, without foil to give a more natural finish without the unflattering “colour cut” which I was quite afraid of. As far as maintenance is concerned, she gave me 4 capsules of vitamin-loaded oil to put on the hair after washing every 15 days, and she just recommended to use more hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Nothing too major, which is right up my street.

Spring, I am ready for you!

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