They see me haulin’


One of my favourite things to do when at the airport is swinging the beauty aisle of the duty free. Nothing better than have a quick breakfast to then rush and smell and swatch the latest luxury products before jumping on the plane. Or is it just me? Heathrow’s is the best one I’ve been so far, is just so luxurious and big that I even created my little routine when visiting. 

I work my way from the more affordable shores to the dreamy eyed ‘one day…’ *drool, sigh, and walk away*  ones. First thing first, after all the security check thing is out the way, is a visit to Boots. I was lately on the market for a new lightweight foundation since we’re coming into spring. After a long battle against my self, I finally made the decision to purchase the infamous Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (£35.50) as I never heard a bad thing about it, but my heart and purse were wiping in anticipation for its price point. Luckily, the lovely Amelia discovered a drugstore dupe for it, so in Boots I rushed to much joy of my bank account. As a result I got the L’Orèal True Match Foundation (£9.90) in the shade C2 Rose Vanilla. I’ll report back on this one soon, but my first impression is that this one has very much the potential for being included in my monthly favorites #justsayin

Next, I usually drool over the Mulberry, Cat Kidston and Dior’s windows, to then move to more comfortable and familiar shores, the beauty hall. If you missed my recent rose obsession, check here, I’ll spare you this time. Suffice to say I’ve brought it to the next level. I always coveted a Jo Malone perfume, and after one of their latest release for Valentine’s Day – the Red Roses range, how could I resist? Admittedly is quite a pricey product, £31 for 30ml of Red Roses cologne, but let me tell you, it is worth every penny. I never smelled something so truly floral and rose-like as this perfume. I had to prevent myself to smell and hug myself during the flight, THAT is how much I like it! I need to give this one too a fair trial, but so far, is the longest lasting perfume I ever owned. Love love love!

So now if you would excuse me I’m going to sniff my wrists like a weirdo…




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