La Vie en Rose – Roses are the key for a girl’s heart





Let me tell you, I am no stranger to the charm of roses, in form of a buquet, perfume, candle, I’m up for it all, I even eat them. Yes, not that if you ever come to me with a bunch of roses, I’ll start munching on them like a goat, I’m not at that stage yet, but I do love me a bit of rose petal flavoured food and drinks.

Yesterday was a proper fancy and sweet rose-flavoured day – my favourite! It’s my Tiffany’s to my mean reds, let’s put it down that way.

I went down to Knitsbridge to pick up a friend of mine, for a little catch up. Since she works ar Prestat in Harrods, I got my self a couple floraly chocolates – Violet and Rose. Let me tell you, if you never tried floral flavured chocolates, you are up for a treat. Is not everyone’ cup of tea, as it very well….flowery, but , I LOVE them. Dark chocolate coated rose cream? Get in ma belly!

After drooling at the beauty counter for a bit, we went down to Ladurée. When I feel Paris sick, or simply need a touch of Frenchness in my life, that’s where you’ll find me, or on the Eurostar. Erika never tried Ladurée before, and she seemed to really enjoy the experience. We each got tea – Rose and Violet, respectively and rose macarons. I was in heaven. This time we were seated upstairs , which made the experience even more luxurious. Great service as you would expect, there was a little mishap with the bill, and we were given three macarons each…What more can you ask?!

Have you ever tried flower flavoured food? Do you like it?

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