MakeUp Removal 101


Once upon a time, I was living with a friend of mine who simply took her make up off with water and counting Mississipis to much horror of yours truly. But the scenario pictured above is not rare as you might think. Even more recently I was at dinner with friends and cleansing wipes was declared to be the only step of their make up removal routine. If you are part of that team, don’t worry, I am not going all Cleansing Police down on you, but if you want to decrease breakouts and avoid wrinkles, here me out.

As you know I am not a massive fusser, I cannot be asked for a gazillion steps cleansing routine, especially if I’m tired and the only thing i want to do is sleep. I use Bioderma H2O (£15 for 500ml) on a cotton pad all over my face and on my eyes. Be careful not tug or pull the eyes. It suffice to gently press the cotton pad on top of them and then swipe after 10 seconds. After that, it’s time to cleanse the whole face to make sure you deep clean your skin. With a cleansing milk or any time of cleanser you prefer, massage it in with circular motions, including the neck. Then wash it all off with warm water and a face cloth. Pat the face dry, do not rub or wipe to avoid redness and irritations. And voilà, you’re done and ready for your evening skincare routine.

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