Spring Cleaning – MakeUp Edition


Springtime is at our door, and that can mean just one thing – Spring-cleaning! Your makeup and skincare stash is the one thing that is very likely to get things growing in numbers rather than decrease. Its time to toss away that red chunchy glittery nail polish you bought in secondary school which you never going to wear, let go of that cleanser that doesn’t really work for your skin anymore, and wave goodbye to that concealer you bought you don’t even remember when.

One thing that we tend to forget about is that, just like food, our makeup and skincare has an expiry date. So this week end, I opened my makeup drawer, took everything out and checked the dates. Most products have the PAO (Period After Opening) written somewhere on pack. Looks like an open jar with a number inside – that’s the months after which it should be used or thrown away. Here’re the deets:

Liquid and cream foundations – 2 years

Concealer – 2 years

Powder – 2 years

Mascara – 6 months

Lipstick- 12 to 18 months

Lip and Eye Pencils – 12 to 18 months

Eye shadow – 2 years

Powder Blush – 2 years

Cream Blush – 2 years

Moisturiser – 2 years

Eye Cream – 6 months

Sunscreen – 2 years

Face Cream – 2 years

Another tip, if you can’t remember when you bought it, maybe is long enough for it to be thrown away. I warn you, this can be a painful process if you are a hoarder, or one of those people saying “it may come handy at some point in the day of after in the month of ever”, but look at it that way. If you clear out space, you’ll have more space to fill with new things *wink wink*



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