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This week has been quite hectic and not really organized from my side, so didn’t have a proven recipe to give you today. So as an apology, I decided to take you to Paris… You were not expecting that, didn’t you!  If you are planning to go to Paris for a week end, or any time soon, here’s my favourite food spots for when I go there. For me, they’re a MUST! Most of them they’re quite cliche’ but the food is good nonetheless.

1. Ladurée en 16 Rue Royale

I can’t leave Paris if I haven’t been there. Massive, huge, biggest fan of Ladurée macarons, they’re my favorites – in case the adjectives bonanza didn’t put the message across – I could eat a *sh*-loads of Rose and Lemons macarons and die happy. Any Ladurée works out fine to be honest, it just happens that there’s another fashion-y must go to place around the corner – oh BCBG you beaut!

2. Café des 2 Moulins 15, Rue Lepic

Featured in one of my favourite films Amélie, I usually go there for a lunch break after a stroll in Montmartre. Croque Monsieur and Crème brûlée to eat by hitting the crusty top with the tip of a tea spoon…The little pleasures of life! Fun fact about this café, before being hired to film Amélie, it was about to close, but due to the huge success of the movie, it was able to stay open. As a thank you, the café is all about Amélie, from the menu to the decor. Just a word of worning, if you are a fan as I am, don’t expect the place to be EXACTLY the same as the film. For example, the tobacconist corner is no longer there, but is still a nice place to go and relax and eat good food.

3. Galette chez la Crêperie Plougastel  – 47, Rue de Montparnasse

This is another go to place. Montparnasse is famous for being the place to go in Paris if you want to eat good galettes and crêpes. This one is my favourite, great selection and even greater atmosphere. I suggest taking the sweet apple cider, which is served in a bowl – I get excited very easily – but most importantly to put your comfy pants on, you will need it!

4. La Maison Angelina – 226 Rue de Rivoli

Last but not least, La Maison Angelina, is the place to of for some luxury. Apparently they do the best hot chocolates in here, don’t really agree with that, as I believe a good chocolate needs to have to consistency of custard, but that’s just me being a fussy Italian. Good place nonetheless to feel luxurious and have great French pastries. This place is very well known, so be ready to queue for a bit, not so much as for the Breakfast Clubs though, so don’t worry!

If you have any other recommendations to where to eat in Paris, fire away! In the mean time, I’ll book my annual Parisian getaway!

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