An Ode to Coffee – Un espresso per favore!





One story that my Instagram feed* tells – a part of the fact that I dig nail polishes *surprise* and do love a bit of Breakfast Club –  is that I have a big big BIG love for coffee. This might well be the little stereotyped Italian inside me *feel free to insert a tiny little Super Mario carrying a pizza here* talking, but in all the places I lived in or visited, the only thing that I was absolutely craving, aside for pizza *shut up tiny Mario*, was a good ol’ cup of espresso.

For any of you guys that know me in real life, this post does not come as a surprise at all, if anything it just represents the fact that I longtime lost in my coffee addiction, there is no way back. But to be honest, I come from a coffee lover family. For all my life, my parents and siblings we were going to the café – bar in Italian – on a weekend, and whilst my parents were sipping on coffee, me and my siblings were having a little sweetie. However my licorice swirl might have been good, I always craved to have some coffee instead…It smelled so good, and to me, it was as addictive as the smell of fuel at the gas station – you know when you stick your nose out and breath in, even though you’re not supposed to?! There you go…Another side that I liked, and still do when going to the bar, are the personal relationships that you get to grow in there, almost kind of a hairdresser feel, but unisex. Mind me, I up for a bit of gossip, although I’m not a great chit-chatter myself, but I like to have it there happening in front of my eyes…You get to hear about breakups, marriages, homicides, football etc. – real life TV hey!

But I’m digressing here, you can tell I’m overexcited by the way a write. Back on track…My bag is full of coffee stories, from high school to uni, from France to Beijing, I could go on for yonks!

If you are interested in them, just ask! I’m more than happy to share my little anecdotes with you…But with all this talking about coffee, excuse me if I leave you for a creamy cup of espresso…

* Don’t believe me? Proves of my unconditional love @kiagrace12

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