Nailcare Routine – Lacquer-free week

IMG_5050Remember my long-standing love story with nail polishes? (In case you missed it, click here) After that post, not a few people asked me if you can ever find me with lacquered nails. In all honesty, is quite a rare sight! If you do, is most likely to be because I couldn’t decide the colour I wanted to wear. Other times though, is because I’m being a good girl and giving my nail a rest. I try to treat my self to a nailcare routine once a month, going lacquer-free for one week – although I cheat a little bit on this one, but I have a good excuse! Hear me out…

Depending on the time I have, I go for a lux nailcare routine, or a basic one. Word of warning, they differ just for a couple extra step I pop in to give a more luxurious feeling, taking roughly 5-10 mins extra time.

If I’m going lux – the first thing I do is to scrub my hands. This step, is fairly new to my routine. When visiting my friend in Birmingham, she introduced to the joy of a rose scented Crabtree & Eveline hand scrub, it was heaven *insert angelic high-pitched voice here* . I use the Soap&Glory one instead, but it gives the same result. Soft moisturised hands. Then I pop my tips into a lukewarm bowl of water with bath salts, just for the scent more than anything, and I leave my hands in for around 2-5 minutes.

If I’m going basic, I then skip all the aforementioned and go ahead prepping my cuticles with Jessica Phenomen Oil, to then take a wooden stick and push them back. FYI – cutting them does apparently more harm than good, as it makes grow faster and longer. The next step, is filing – I like to keep my nails squared, rounding just the corners with a glass file, which I find more effective than the carton one. Be careful to file in just one direction to avoid any peeling. Once a month, I also buff my nails with this 4-steps buffer from Tiger, to even the surface out.

Last but not least, the cheating part – O.P.I. Nail Envy. I use this polish as a base coat any time I put nail polish on, but as a matter of fact, it has been designed as a strengthening treatment for the nails – so this is not really cheating on my week-free polish right? I pop on two layers of this, following with hand cream when everything is dry. Tip: check with your little fingers by lightly pressing the nails together to check if the polish is dry.

For a pampering night, I definitely like to go lux, as I find it more relaxing with dipping the fingers and all. However, is a routine I would suggest once a month for extra nail care, for a weekly routine, the basic one works just as well!

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