Mum, can I wear Nail Polish? – The Story of a Lacquer Lover


To all the mums out there, don’t prevent your daughters to wear nail polish otherwise they’re very likely to become, well…like me, a lacquer obsessed – I think the above picture is a quite self-explanatory *coughs and sheepishly hides self*

My love with nail polish is been part of my life since I can remember. Starting in primary school, coveting Spice Girls’ and Sailor Moon’s colorful nails, I begged my mom daily to buy me nail polish. Unfortunately for me, my mom was quite unimpressed to my Chinese water torture-like method. The better response I had from her once, was that I could wear clear nail polish…Now, I was unimpressed – What was the point if no one could see it? In all response, I put my rebel hat on, and came home EVERY SINGLE DAY, with marker-coloured nails, which I had to take off whilst listening to my mum going on and on on how markers were poisonous etc. In my defence – admittedly quite weak- I wasn’t as bad as the girl who put whiteout on them *blushes*. I had to change approach, so to dad I went with a sweet smile, puppy-like eyes and curly blonde angel-like hair asking him to buy me Tanya magazine. Little did he know that two nail polishes came with the magazine, and that I had very little interest in Barbie’s lame cousin. I still remember the colours, baby pink and pastel blue, and the image of me in a corner at school, putting on the pastel blue one happier than ever. I wasn’t that happy in the evening when my mom scolded me, and had me take it off.

I don’t remember going next to lacquers for a bit, until I was 14 and went for my first summer school in Cambridge. Fully in my grunge phase off I went and bought the most crappy-formulated black nail polish history has ever known. By then my mom was a defeated woman and had to give up. Me, on the other side, I started building up my collection. Name a colour and finish. I probably have it.

Nowadays, I own almost 73 polishes, and they never seem to be enough. There’s always some new colour, brand and finish to try and fall in love with. It’s most probably crazy, I know, but I don’t hear my sister and nieces (who I took to the dark side) complain! My mom, well….

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