You know how sometimes at the end of the day your face looks like a disco ball, or maybe you just hate the powdery look on your skin, but yet you want to powder to keep your make up all day long? The MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Powder is hands down the best powder I ever used. I myself hate the powdery look, and don’t really need powder as my skin is quite normal. But if you have oily skin, or simply you’re a fan of powders, look no further.

This product has been formulated to be both invisible on HD cameras and to the naked eye. I 100% vouch for that. It is a very fine, almost talc-fine like powder. Don’t be put off by the white colour, as it translate translucent into skin, so it doesn’t matter the skin tone it will work on anyone. The finish is radiant yet mattifying which I find to be perfect as the last step of my makeup routine.

I got mine at Sephora in Milan, when I went back home, for 35EUR, not the cheapest of powders I agree, but a little goes a long long way! I had a small sample and lasted me two years, so I think it was worth the money – it will last yonks. Unfortunately, MAKE UP FOR EVER is not available in the UK *sad face*, so if you plan to be in France, Italy or US, I’d make sure to write this one on your Sephora shopping list!

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