The Vintage Post #3 – Cookie Fever

For today The Vintage Post’s third instalment, I thought it was the good idea to start a new series – The Food. I’m not a massive foodie, but I definetly have a sweet tooth – Thanks dad! I personally find Sundays to be the perfect day to bake, hence I’m including the recipe that at the time, was VERY POPULAR. So, with no further ado, I present you The Cookie Fever Recipe!
PS. Just a little note, I’m kind of a cooking-noobe so if I could do it, anyone can!

Watch out good ol’Ben cause a bunch of beauty bloggers have been infected by the cookie fever!

Don’t know when and where the virus started, but I am sure I got it when two of my favourite bloggers Vivianna and Lily showed the first symptoms (check their YT channels and blogs ’cause they’re AMAZING!)
First one to go down , and I blame her for the subsequent epidemic, was Vivianna at the end of last month when she posted the recipe for the triple chocolate cookies. As soon as I read her post I was bought. I had to bake them my self. Sorry, what?! WHO?!? The same Claudia that never, ever cooks? Yes, it was me indeed. So last week I went to my friends’ house with a lot of will power and a much higher possibility to poison them.
Surprisingly, the recipe is SO EASY they turned out quite well, if I might say so myself!
Judge by yourself if you don’t believe me!
After that I thought I was done, good job me, but miracles just happen once (in a while). Could I be more wrong than that? Little did I know, that later this week Lily would have featured the cookies in a blog post AND a vlog! I then got inspired. With Red Nose day at the door tomorrow and an afternoon tea to raise money for the charity at work, what could I bake if not cookies?
This time, I went for 3 different flavours: Mini Eggs, Oreo chocolate, and double chocolate. Hope they turn out good! What do you think? Which flavour is your favourite?

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