The Vintage Post #2: Origins No Puffery

Welcome to the second instalment of The Vintage Post. Today, it’s all about dark circles, yes, the one that you try to cover during the week, and perhaps ‘grow’ during the week end…No worries, I have the right solution for you!
I’m on a never ending battle with my under eye bags and dark circles, I’m going to put it out there, just like that!
Lately they decided to make a their appearance more puffy and darker than ever. Maybe just to remind me that, after 24 years or ‘social hibernation ‘- one can’t just go out every night, have a 5/6 hour sleep and expect to be all fine….Oh no Sir! They came out, and they came out hard, as much as to literally not being able to open my eyes properly. And here it came, Prince Charming on a white horse and shiny mint green, Origin’s No Puffery Roll On.

Few months ago Origin decided to get to the cooling roll-on bandwagon, repackaging their No Puffery gel cream. Same formula as before, it contains yeast extract to de-puff and brighten dark circles, whilst hoelen mushroom extract prevents redness to settle in.I’ve been using the gel for two weeks now, and let me tell you, in the mornings, when you wake up at 6.30, a cooling action on your peepers, is what you need to wake up a bit, whilst keeping the puffiness and darkness at bay. The only thing that could make it any better, is keeping it in the fridge, but at the ‘ getting-up-walk-to-the-kitchen-with-your-eyes-still-closed’ stage, the only thing they can see is the Nespresso machine.

It’s a little steep as for price, £24 for 15ml, but let me tell you, is worth saving up for. As well as, included with the shipping (if ordered on the website as I did), you get free sample of two products of your choice…GinZing range, come my way!

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