Long-lasting Chanel Tips


Everyone love Chanel polishes, those iconic shades everyone covets and drools over every season…They’re brilliant, but their staying power doesn’t come as close to their beautiful colours. Let’s be honest, how many times you painted your nails with their latest chic colour offering, to find it chipped after not even two days? I know I’ve been there, and according to my You Tube feed, I’m not alone on this one!

The easiest way to go about it would be, of course, to give Chanel polishes a miss, loving them for afar, put the most comfortable shoes you own, and go for a dupe-hunt. But do we really want to? Wouldn’t it be much better – for us, not so much for our purse, but hey! – to finally manage to keep your Chanel tips for five days, or even a week? Yes, it would be indeed, so keep reading, cause I might have found the ‘holy grail’ of  polish layering that will keep you Chanel-ed up for a week. YES, A WEEK!

You know the gist: base coat, two layers of the colour of your choice, and one layer of top coat – that’s the general formula to long lasting tips. The secret lays in the first and last step. I found the only way to make my Chanel tips last was OPI’s Nail Envy and Top CoatThese paired with my Chanel polish of choice ensured me a week wear with no fail.

I know this probably won’t be the cheapest option we polish-lover gals were looking for, what can I do? I’m an enabler! 

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